Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review

Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review :

Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)
Star cast: Vir Das, Vega Tamotia, Anindita Nayar, Kavi Shastri
Director: Ajay Bhuyan

What’s Good: A tough idea, few bona fide snickers, Colonel Noni Singh and the blustery sentiment in the middle of Vir and Vega.

What’s Bad: The silly treatment, Anindita Nayar’s acting and the poor direction.
Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review : Watch or Not?

Vir das is also worked with sunny leone ,who hosted the reality show Splitsvilla 9 which is going to telecast on MTV in June 2016. Despite an incredible idea, director Ajay Bhuyan can’t mount his story well. It is not so much an appalling film however truly a baffling film basically on the grounds that the reason and the idea could exceptionally well have been assisted, yet the director ends up wrapped in twisted narrating. Romantic comedies require a twist of freshness to offer; this film had scope for a great deal, every last bit of it squandered on a film that couldn’t stay lucid.

Emulating a traumatic split, Amit Sahni (Vir das) enrolls all the qualities he would need in his ideal lady. It is a legitimate recorded rundown that is in his mind each time he goes out on the town. From instructive capabilities to the regular adoration for Sachin Tedulkar, Amit is looking for more than simply cherish. Lastly when he experiences passionate feelings, it is to understand that epic adage which goes ‘opposites are drawn toward eachother’. Mala (Vega) charms Amit with her beguiling flaws and the two get ready for marriage. Poop hits the fan when he discovers his ideal lady, the young lady of his rundown two days after his engagement, in Devika (Anindita).

So will Amit pursue the lady he has been searching for all his life or will it in the end wear on him that affection can’t take after any rundown!

Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review
Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review : Script Analysis

Unmistakably by romantic comedy benchmarks, the film did have a correlated point. At a signal in the film Vir tells his racer amigo (langotiya yaar) that we all have an arrangement of the sort of individual we need to be with, simply that not everyone have it composed. Vir’s character in the film was dumped mercilessly by his first better half. So that nobody ever makes him extremely upset again, he records down the peculiarities that his ‘ideal lady’ must accompany. The film’s fundamental thought was fairly intriguing however what happens is obviously the execution. The kind of oddity about the rundown is likely new in Bollywood however any sitcom fan won’t think that it hard to follow this back to F.r.i.e.n.d.s.

The oddity in romantic comedies don’t exactly irritate me as long as the last item is great, however the film neglects to accomplish that. In spite of the fact that the thoughts like two individuals who are excessively comparative will wind up being clones, it takes the credulous hero just about three-fourth of the film to comprehend the thought of ‘opposites are inclined toward one another’. The thought of Lovers-can’t-be-clones was depicted in a more nuanced form in Reema Kagti’s Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd. While the plans held in the film were without a doubt sewn well, the film happened in its execution and screenplay.

Amit’s ideal residence past excessively soon. Indeed before one could soak in the true flawlessness in their story, it was over. Not just was the arguments of it exited vague, the scholars did not thicken the plot. Fortunately there were less signpost characters in the film particularly the character of Mala who surprises us. However the film not the slightest bit does any equity to the script and that is the shocking bit about the motion picture.
Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review :Star Performances

Vir Das is splendid with his comic timing. Doubtlessly that is his strong point. At the same time with regards to romancing and emoting, Vir doesn’t go too far. It isn’t awful yet fails to offer a certain level of easiness in it.

Vega Tamotia was a disclosure in a film that is overall unremarkable. She isn’t astounding however truly functioned as one of the more brighter components in the film.

Anindita Nayar then again is in urgent need of enlisting for acting classes. As bewitching as she looks, her acting aptitudes needs a few genuine review.

Kavi Shastri did not have a part enormous enough to get delegated noteworthy.
Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review : Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Ajay’s novice work was clear 15 minutes into the film. The erratic account and messy altering was sufficient to put me off. A scene where Vir says a final farewell to a young lady on the grounds that ‘Sachin was rocked the bowling alley out at 99′ and the young lady couldn’t match up Vir’s grieving is severely done. The story accumulates steam in the first half just when Amit loses himself in Mala’s adoration just to scatter presently. Post interim, the film is an utter bore. Amit’s predicament to give up Mala for a lady who is closer to his rundown was carried out excessively hastily. In the second a large portion of, the inclination behind the film vanishes totally. The music of the film is effectively missable and the screenplay is extremely mixed up. With an idea like this, the film could have turned out so much better however this could get to be was a convoluted chaos.
Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review :The Last Word

Amit Sahni Ki List isn’t precisely some unbearable film to persist however it doesn’t blossom enough to qualify as a crackling film. The executive’s slapdash work is apparent and that mortally hurts the film. I am running with a 2/5. This Vir Das show isn’t precisely his best work.

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