Mallika disagrees with comedian Russell Peters and casts her support for Aamir Khan

Mallika Sherawat is one most popular Bollywood actress, she is famous for her boldness and her fans want to watch Malika in Splitsvilla 9.

Aamir Khan’s comment created a stir of opinions in Bollywood. Everyone wanting to seek the opinions of the Bollywood stars, quite recently Hindustan Times got hold of Mallika Sherawat when the actor visited them recently to meet with the HT City Stars In The City contest.


On being asked about her opinion on the roast, Mallika replied, “I haven’t seen the roast, but I agree with what Aamir Khan has said — there shouldn’t be any emotional violence. He used a very ­correct term. I feel that we shouldn’t genuinely hurt anyone’s feelings and ­sensibilities.”

She pointed that there are needs to get offended for the bigger things that are affecting us socially. As the actress feels that these all are hyped up petty issues but in turn there are various prevailing issues that one needs to feel offended about.

According to Hindustan Times, Mallika added, “I think what we should get offended by is the fact that we do not have clean water for drinking, and what all is happening with women. These are the actual ­offenders. But as people from the industry, we can take ourselves on,” she says.

Mallika’s herself has always been a subject towards controversies and recently she got bombarded after she featured with the tri-color wrapped around her in her upcoming film, Dirty Politics. The actress further added a remarkable statement, “The director just told me that this is the photoshoot and I was there … Ashutosh Rana (co-star in the film) was there, so we were just doing our job. I didn’t think it would become such a big ­deal. The tri-colour is nobody’s monopoly, we live in a free country and it is a democracy.”

Meanwhile, she was also asked about her move to Los Angeles. Whether she had moved her bag and baggage permanently in a wake of her recent Hollywood stints, she clarified HT, “This is a myth. I have not left India. Bollywood is my home. I am here because of everyone’s support.”


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