Pinoy Big Brother Season 7: PBB

Yes it’s back and the C4 and Endemol are hoping to really cash in. The ‘sociological’ experiment has turned in to a money making experiment. Ananova are reporting that C4 are to be introducing a monthly tariff of £9.95 just so you can watch the live web feeds and get access to some archive footage AND diary room clips… what a load of shit. Channel 4 know that the BB fan base is more or less obsessive so they will probably get a number of people signing up. Pinoy Big Brother No doubt the voting charge may go up a little as well – they have to try and top the £3million they made last year! The website will probably be as ugly and banner ridden as normal… but it’s all in the name of making money!

Well not literally… I’m writing this?! After months of speculation surrounding  future – the rumours about me joining forces with C4 are NOT true! – I have decided to retire from the BB scene. I am proud to say that this site was one of the first unofficial fan sites around and the first one (BB1) was good fun. I just can not be arsed watching Big Brother! It is basically a dull show in which not very much happens…

This site will hang around cyber space for a while longer and the Have Your Say section is in full swing. (Thanks to all those on it.) I would like to thank Lisa Gentle for her continued support and art work throughout BB1 and BB2. Also John Little for his work on the BB1 site.

Take care

I thought it would be Helen and Penny, even if my predictions were a bit off. I was very surprised by the number of votes Narinder received and a little surprised that Stu didn’t receive any. Please check out mynominations page for further details. I chuckle when Paul nominated Helen and slagged for off for being up herself and giving Dean a funny look for saying he would sleep with Lizzie. Didn’t Paul say he would sleep with Helen? Of course he did he… thus ruining has chances of a bit of slap and tickle with Penny!

The worst reason given was definitely by Liz on nominating Helen, “There’ll be more sunshine in Wales.” – nice one Liz!!!

It was a terrible night for the betting side of the site… I’d banked on Natasha! Oh SH!T!!!

Nomination day

Still waiting for the LIVE nominations… it should be good!

Every now and again I will award a ‘Shut ya Face’ to people who really deserve it. After tonight’s show it will go to two people: Amma and Penny, SHUT YA FACE! Can you believe they only have £4.90. Christ! They’ll really have to get the old economy blue stripe goods, 9p a tin of beans! Helen made it totally obvious that she would fall for this classic chat up line: “Hi, do you fancy a shag?”. I don’t think Penny would fall for that as she is far too sophisticated! (Oh look I see a pig flying!!) Finally, hasn’t Stu got an evil laugh… hahahahahah!

My predication below have changed! I think the Narinder may very Stu over Paul and Paul will vote Stu over Brian. This would mean that Stu, Helen and Penny would all stand for eviction!

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