How to recover your Gmail password

If you have an old Gmail account and you would like to start using it again, maybe because it is more professional or just maybe because you need an alternative email account that it is a bit more serious that your Outlook one. Anyway, you may have forgotten your account password. This happens often, as we tend to use more than a password for our online accounts for increasing security and they can get confusing at times.


Do not worry, you will still be able to Gmail sign in without a password. First thing you need to do is go to the Gmail web browser app, by writing on the web address bar

Now you will see a login page, where you are supposed to introduce your email account and your address for being able to access to the emails. There must be also a small button that says “Need help?”. Once you see it, click on it and a new window will open.

There, you will have to prove your identity, by introducing your Gmail email account and by answering a secret question that you will have set when you opened your Gmail account.

You will have to introduce a new password now, so you may want to make sure that you remember this one!

Using Gmail as your main email account can be very handy. Gmail has different ways of accessing to your emails depending on the device that you are using at the moment. If you have a smartphone, you can have an app that will allow you to use Gmail, including reading your emails, deleting them, writing new emails and sending files to your contacts.

But the most common way of using Gmail is from a web browser. If you want Gmail Sign in and you are not sure on how should you start, do not panic.

Gmail Login or Sign in

You only need to write in your address bar (or click on the link of this page!) There, you will have to introduce your email address and your password.

If you do not have a Gmail account yet, you will be able to create one now. There should be a label that says “Create new account” and you have to click on it. It will re-direct you to a new window where you will be able to introduce your desired email account (it will check that it is available for you) and a password.

After creating the Gmail account, it will redirect you to your new Gmail inbox folder, so you can start using Gmail straight ahead.

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